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Intelligent outsourcing solutions

eastWhy Curato?

Groundbreaking & company-specific

From an entrepreneurial point of view, flexibility is one of the most important factors for sustainable business today. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

This is exactly what Curato specializes in. As a process service provider for industry and trade, Curato offers individual outsourcing solutions throughout Europe in the areas of logistics, handling of production processes, maintenance and cleaning of warehouses and production facilities, as well as cleaning and maintenance of production machines, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Fast, efficient and reliable.

The knowledge and experience of Curato employees are our greatest assets and guarantee 100% ability to act in any situation.

With our trained staff, innovative ideas and their implementation and several years of experience in logistics and personnel management, we are always able from our headquarters in Düsseldorf to form a suitable package with individual outsourcing solutions for the very small but also the very large customers.

Bundled competencies.


We offer our services in all countries of the European Union - adjusted to the requirements and the jointly developed goals of our customers - and basically work according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

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Flexible and sustainable The most flexible service provider you will ever experience


Absolutely flexible contracts 
Without commitment


Billing on
Hourly basis 


Regional professionals 
with demonstrable 
Experience level


Minimum booking period: 
2 weeks


Cancelable at any time 
with a notice period of 
14 days


productive hours calculation.


Transparent transmission of the hours worked.


Automated approval process for project owners.


Exchange and replacement of employees possible at any time.


Conscious values Our company

Know-how and pragmatism are one thing. A clear value orientation is the other. We see ourselves as a service company that is naturally committed to the individual goals of its customers, but also to those of its own employees.

Commitment and responsible action are irreplaceable values for Curato, both within the company and in cooperation with customers. They guarantee maximum security for all parties involved.

Because we believe that those who act innovatively do not have to forego traditional values. Both together lead to convincing results.


Efficient results Our competences

We offer our process services as contract services and thus receive performance-based remuneration. Our customers receive calculation security - independent of the processing and order volumes. We adjust our capacities to the required capacities of our customers on a daily basis. To further increase the flexibility of all our services, we aim to cover peaks in all our customers' production and storage areas quickly and unbureaucratically, without having to build up fixed costs on the customer side.


With us straight 
to the target

Accurate in analysis, forward-looking in planning, and pragmatic in implementation: Our claim is to develop and implement innovative and efficient outsourcing solutions based on technical and logistical know-how that are as individual as each company. We are the guarantor for groundbreaking, company-specific solutions.

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This is what Curato stands for Guiding. Human. Partnership.


Curato from lat. curatio

Care, management and leadership are the terms we stand for.


Humane human-centered

People are always at the center of our actions, both internally and externally.


Partnership collaborative

Working with our customers creates a value & impact cycle.

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